About Us

Chongqing COKC Business Co., Ltd. is importing wines especially from niche and boutique Bulgarian wineries and is now exclusively distributing them to hotels, restaurants, specialized wine shops as well as private and corporate customers.

Chongqing COKC Business Co., Ltd. focuses on high quality wines, carefully selected and professionally marketed and distributed. The dynamism, the experience and the professional service of COKC Business team have contributed to the one of the most successful development on the Chinese market.

Chongqing COKC Business Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 2007 by Svetoslav Spasov with a goal to serve as a bilateral trade bridge between Bulgaria and China. While we still provide a complete range of services targeting customers who are interested in import and export solutions, in 2008 we began developing a new range of our Business – directly importing and distributing a selection of high quality wines.